Maria Pilar Parcerisas Colomer / President
Art critic, essayist and writer. PhD in Art History and Graduate in Information Sciences. Co-
founder of the Regió 7 newspaper, she has published numerous texts on art in books and
catalogues. He has curated more than fifty art exhibitions and has written scripts for the cinema.
He has published the memoir Equipatge de mà [Hand luggage] (1997) and a collection of poems
in Falç i estrelles [Sickle and Stars] (2020). As an essayist in the field of art history, he has
published Conceptualismo(s). Poetic, political, peripheral. Around conceptual art in Spain,

1964-1980 (2007), Art & co. The art machine (2003), Barcelona Art-Zona (2007) and Duchamp
in Spain (2009). President of the Catalan Association of Art Critics (2007-2020) and member of
the National Council for Culture and the Arts (2009-2019). He has written screenplays for the
cinema, including the film The Last Frontier (1992) about Walter Benjamin. In 2014 he created
the Passages of Contemporary Culture Association in Portbou. Since 2016 he has directed the
Walter Benjamin Summer School. In 2014, he organized the return of Dani Karavan, author of
the Passages Memorial in Portbou, and his name was placed on the esplanade of the port.
Promoted that the Memorial be declared BCIN and that the building of the future Walter
Benjamin House be BCIL.

Robert Fàbregas Ripoll / Vice President
Writer and cultural manager. He has a degree in Social Education from the University of Girona
and has completed a Postgraduate in Contemporary Culture at the Open University of Catalonia.
Youth technicians in different municipalities of Pla de l'Estany, he has been Director of Les
Bernardes – Space for Contemporary Culture since 2011. He made his literary debut with Èol o
la vida al vent [Eolo or life in the wind] (2015). Later, he published Les Banyes de Capricornio
[The horns of Capricorn io] (2016) and En un grapat de Lluna [In a handful of moon] (2017), all
of them by El Cep i la Nansa edicions. In 2018, he published El mar de l’Est [The Eastern Sea]
in Rupes Nigra Edicions and the following year its translation into Spanish appeared: El mar del
Este by Carambuco Ediciones. He has created the Reremús Edicions in Salt.

Josep Maria Casacuberta Suñer / Secretary
CSIC scientific researcher at the Agricultural Genomics Research Center (CRAG). Ph.D. in
Biotechnology and Molecular Biology from the UAB, he has been a Professor at the University
of Paris 7, in France, and a Visiting Professor at the Universities of Sao Paulo, in Brazil, and
Minnesota, in the USA. He has worked as a scientific expert for the European Food Safety
Authority, EFSA. In collaboration with José Casanova, he has carried out several photographic
projects, including How we read, exhibited at the La Memoria bookstore (Barcelona) in 2015,
"La Massane", exhibited at the Revela't festival (Barcelona) in 2019, at the Torcatis bookstore in
Perpignan in 2021 and the Sala Walter Benjamin, in Portbou, in 2022, among others, and
Confinement, the photos travel, exhibited at the Ateneu Santcugatenc (Sant Cugat), in 2022.

Carles Duarte Montserrat / Member
Writer, linguist and cultural and educational manager. He has published a literary work
translated into several languages ​​and distinguished with the Catalan Critics Award and the Serra
d'Or magazine. A disciple of Joan Coromines and Antoni M. Badia Margarit, he is the author,
with Àlex Alsina, of a Historical Grammar of Catalan. He has been secretary general of the
Presidency of the Generalitat, director and President of the Carulla Foundation and President of
the National Council for Culture and the Arts in Catalonia. He is general director of the CIC
Cultural Institution. He has received the Creu de Sant Jordi and is a Knight of Arts and Letters of
the French Republic.

Carme Concepcion Alda Elorza / Member
Psychologist specialized in Clinical Psychology from the University of Barcelona. Training in
child, adolescent and adult psychoanalysis at the École lacanienne de Psychanalyse. Member of
the World Association of Psychoanalysis, Paris. Researcher of certain creative processes
developed by the human being throughout the history of ideas.

Amalia Rodríguez Monroy / Member
Emeritus Professor in the Department of Translation and Language Sciences at Pompeu Fabra
University. Specialized in translation of Anglo-Saxon poetry and literature. She has taught at the
universities of Princeton, New York and the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He has
published La poética del número en el registro de la autobiografía [The poetics of the name in
the record of the autobiography] (1997), La huelga de la cultura. Cuatro ensayos de ética y
literatura [The strike of culture. Four essays on ethics and literature] (1998), as well as numerous
articles and texts on cultural theory.

Contact address
Cervera, 14-16, Esc. B, 2on., 1a.

T. + 34 660 827023